Message Series

No Longer A Slave - (current series) - This series explores how the work of Jesus on the cross sets us free through looking at the relationship of Paul, Onesimus, and Philemon as recorded in Paul's letter to Philemon

GodLoveSex - This series is a verse-by-berse study of the book of Song of Solomon that focuses on God's design for marital relationships.

Why Believe - This series explores the reasons why we believe in God, Christ, and the Bible.

Change Your World in 52 Days - This series studies the example of Nehemiah and how an ordinary person can make a difference and potentially change the world.

New - This series presents a study of Ephesians 4:17-24 and deals with how Jesus makes us new and how we can then live like a new person instead of being stuck the way we are.

Modern Family - This series presents a study of how Jesus and God's Word applies to the Modern Family and the culture we live in.

The Cross - This series presents a study of what Jesus accomplished for us through his sacrifice on the Cross.

The Church - This series presents a study of the first few chapters of the book of Acts that shows what the church is supposed to be.

Where Is God? - Where is God and what is He doing during the trials and challenges of our lives.

Step Up - What's the next step in your spiritual journey? This series explores what God's Word says are the steps we should all take as Disciples of Christ.

God Is - This series explores some of the myths and truths about what God Is and Is not.

Chains - Does it ever feel like everyone else has it together but you? Most of us have days, or even weeks where we just can’t catch a break. Nothing seems to work. Nothing seems to change. Do you ever ask, “If God is so big, and Jesus is so good, why do I still feel so overwhelmed?” There is hope. You don’t have to stay chained to your stress and anxiety. You can break free.

Bulding Blocks Of Healthy Relationships - Relationships are a crucial part of life, understanding them from God's perspective instead of the world's perspective is essential.

Choice - We all have a choice between Jesus and religion. Jesus plus anything is not the Gospel, but instead religion. What choice will you make?

Greater - Jesus made an incredible promise saying we would do Greater works (John 14:12), this series examines that promise and how we can help fulfill it.

The Gospel - The Good News, it's more that just another story. It's the plan for for how God offers us Eternal Life through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Victory - Celebrating 10 years of God's Goodness at True Life Church.

Jesus Is _____. - Jesus is more that a baby born in a manger. This Christmas, come explore the fullness of who He is.

Supernatural - Afraid,or confused about the Holy Spirit? Don't Be! This series teaches us how the Holy Spirit is the Person, Presence, and Power of God in our lives and the importance of it.

Thrive- God is the owner and we are the managers. He wants us to live an abundant life. Learn how to stop just surviving and start thriving.

Jonah- This series examines this short but powerful book of the Bible.

Testimony Services (ongoing special series) - This series presents the real and powerful testimonies of those who have chosen to follow and walk with Christ.

Trials- Life is full of trials. This series examines how to trust God in the midst of life's trials.

CORE- This series examines the CORE beliefs of True Life Church: what we believe about Jesus, religion, giving, ministry, small groups, children and youth, and many other central parts of our church.

Give Me Faith- Can we trust God at His word? Jesus said that if we believe and have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. This series focuses on having faith that can stand down the giants of life, move mountians of fear and doubt, and to stand strong by the power of God.

How to Survive the End of the World- There always seems to be a lot of interest, curiosity, and talk about the end times, so we are going to address it in this series. How does Bible prophecy practically affect our lives?

Unstuck- “My life is going no where and nothing ever seems to get better.” Most of us can identify with this statement in some areas of our lives.  It seems like we keep going in circles. However, we have a tendency to want the circumstances to change instead of really wanting a changed life.  The Unstuck series focuses on how we can be set free and truly live the life that God designed us for.

Picture Perfect Family?- Is there such a thing as a picture perfect family?  We want to put that image out in front of others, but the reality behind the scenes if often quite different.  How can we build a healthy and stable family? This series explores biblical principles about marriage, parenting, and concludes by examining the subject of homosexuality.

BFF-This short series focuses on what God has to say about both being a good friend and having good friends.

He is Able...-This series will inspire and strengthen you in your Christian walk as you discover what God promises and His able to perform in the lives of His children.

Behind The Scenes of the Christmas Story-This series focuses on the background of Christmas.

Now What-As Jesus is ending His Sermon on the Mount, he charged the people listening to apply what he had taught them. This series of messages focus on the practical response to Jesus’ teachings.

Flesh- This series tackles deeply practical, real-life issues such as the positive and negative sides of sex, lust, divorce, and modesty. Straight and to the point, the Flesh series will give you tools by the power to be set free in your life and to bring about healing and restoration.

Audience of One-This is the next series in our study of the Sermon on the Mount, entitled How To Live Life According to Jesus. This series will focus on learning how to please God instead of trying to impress people and learning how to connect with God in prayer.

Myths That Make Us Miserable-This is the next series in our study of the Sermon on the Mount, entitled How to Live Life According To Jesus. In the section of Scripture covered in this series, Jesus replaces myths that make us miserable with truths that set us free

The Real Change Campaign- “Real Change” was the campaign slogan from the 2008 US presidential campaigns.   However, we seem to hear more speeches about change than we see real change taking place.  This series address what Jesus taught the church about being God's change agents in the world.

The Blessing-This series examines what Jesus taught at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount about how we can truly have a life that is blessed by God.

Stand Alone Messages - This is a collection of messages that are individual messages instead of being a part of a series.